The red SHTUBY sensation rapidly conquering the world of electronic music is performance art integrated with theatrical circus like show and mixed with innovative electronics and jazz motifs, Oriental and funk. SHTUBY’s awe-inspiring show is a combination of visual elements, unique innovative sound and mesmerizing stage presence. During the show you are elated into a psychedelic energetic journey – bouncing and across-the-board ranging from the plaintive melody and the emotive up to rapid beats, sophisticated electronics and chubby bass lines. 

 Equipped with Theremin, Synth, Eiwi and a variety of computers and tools installed in a unique control station SHTUBY creates a new sound angle, exciting and unpredictable. The combination of all this with the Band Experience makes every show new and unique. In the past year since emerging – the project was played hundreds of times on the stages of festivals, big events and clubs in Israel and all over the world from Eastern Europe all the way to Canada and China where SHTUBY is known as “The Long Red” and is popular with a rising rate of fans and followers. 




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