Riff Cohen


Musician, writer and composer.
Born in Tel Aviv in 1984, Riff was educated in music and the arts from elementary school until high school. She continued her studies with a BA in Musicology from Tel Aviv University, (2005). She released her first album during an artist residency at Cité des Arts and filmed her music video for her single ‘A Paris’ in 2010, which received critical acclaim in Israel and internationally. Riff sings in English, Hebrew, French and Arabic, and a large part of the French lyrics were written by Patricia Cohen, her mom. After the success of her first album, Riff signed with Universal Paris to release the album internationally. In 2013, Riff won the ‘acom’ Emerging Artist award. In 2015 she released her second album ‘A-La-Menthe’ and started her tour in Europe and Turkey. Her single ‘Dans Mon Quartier’ was translated into Turkish and became a big hit in Turkey, with over 180 million views. In 2020 she released her third album ‘Quelle Heure Est-Il’ via ‘Zoom’ concert, for over 5,000 viewers. Today Riff lives in Tel Aviv and is currently working on her fourth album.



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