L.B.T (Live Beat Tapes) is a collective formed of the finest hip hop producers, jazz musicians, rappers and singers around, a 12 piece super group signed at the local label Raw Tapes (r .

Amir Bresler ­ Drums, one of the busiest personas in town & a rhythmic mastermind
Beno Hendler ­ Bass Veteran, also known for his work with Balkan Beat Box
Nomok ­ Keyboards, A jazz pianist from a young age & real dope beatmaker
Rejoicer ­ Synthesizer, Head Honcho of the Raw Tapes label & a producer extraordinaire
KerenDun ­ Vocals, Sax, Percussion, One of the most unique multi­instrumentalist, beatmaker and vocalist around

Echo ­ Vocals, The sort of person to hear a song and instantly sing the right thing
Rebel Sun ­ Vocals, A Baltimore OG, working with groups like Coolooloosh & Lucille
Yonatan Albalak ­ Guitar, Playing with LayerZ & Avishai Cohen alongside some of Israel’s finest musicians Mo Rayon ­ Vocals, A young rapper & dedicated producer which has been slamming tracks for the past few years
Yudko the Abstract ­ Sampler, Sax, Pannonica Recordings Head Honcho and hazy beatmaker, also a veteran in the Jazz world
Mesh Cohen ­ DJ, Long time scratcher and Israeli Hip Hop scene godfather
Asaf Shay ­ Sound, a necessity to any L.B.T show 



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