La Kombina Sound System


I was  born in L.A California and moved at the age of 10 to Mexico city… My mom is from Mexico and my dad is from Israel… My grandparents are from Irak and Syria…. 

After getting kicked out of school when i was 13, a urge to travel around the world and explore bursted in me. I learned to do jewellery and left home at the age of 17. I listened to punk, ska, reggae, goa trance, and had no idea i could become a musician… I adventured from Canada to central America in a van with my dog and lived the Nomadic lifestyle. I bought a computer and an accordion in 2012 and dreamed of producing ethnic music with electronic elements… I was mainly influenced by Balkan Gypsy music by then, playing the waltz on the accordion.

After reaching Costa Rica i learned what is Carribean music and how to play Cumbia. I ended up in the multicultural city of Tel Aviv in 2014 and created a “Carribean Balkan” band called Malabi Tropical, where we studied the art of blending musical worlds together. In 2016 i delved into the musical production and “La Kombina Sound System” was born. Using samples and beats, with a musical platform to record live instruments. Taking inspiration from all what i most love and combine it La Kombina style. I have had the honor to collaborate with very talented musicians around me, hosting the amazing Itamar Raviv (bass & buzuki player) bringing the greek, oriental sound….my time in TLV has givin me the chance to forge the Multicultural sound inspired by the globalised world we live in.

La Kombina Sound System is all about exotic party beats from around the globe with hot latin melodies and a gypsy twist…



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