Echo is one of the busiest singers and producers in Israel. After years of touring internationally, Echo has embarked on a solo career, releasing an English album featuring collaborations with some of the leading producers in Israel followed by 2 Hebrew albums. Echo’s Hebrew albums are fresh masterpieces that placed female MCs in the center of the Israeli Hip Hop scene and Echo as a groundbreaking leader. With a nr. 14 most played song of the year (Israel), collaboration with Noga Erez, and co-creating an Israeli Oscar-nominated soundtrack for the hit TV series “Dismissed”, Echo jumped from 2k to 20k daily listeners on Spotify the past year. Next up for Echo is releasing a new single, collaborating with the worldwide electronic duo- Red Axes. The single will be released on July 29th, through “Higher Ground” Label (Diplo). Echo is growing in high speed and keeps beautifully swinging between Hebrew and English with her unique voice and style

The band: Michael Guy, Tom Bolig, Shaul Eshet





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