ACOLLECTIVE is a musical group and self-proclaimed movement from Tel-Aviv.
One of Israel’s biggest independent success stories, They invoke a rare balance between catharsis and sorrow – a fitting demonstration of what it is like to live in Israel – meandering across trippy folk, psychedelic electronica, progressive pop and Middle Eastern-blues.

Formed in 2009, ACOLLECTIVE’s early shows became a weekly cult gathering in Tel- Aviv, and they were soon playing sold-out shows – establishing a loyal fan-base and gaining critical acclaim and extensive airplay in Israel and abroad. Since 2009 they have toured all over the world, playin Glastonbury (UK), Primavera (SP), SXSW (US), The Great Escape (UK), Pentaport(South Korea), Pohodah (South Korea), UnitedIslands (CZ), Fusion (GER), NH7 (India) and many many more, earning a reputation for being a truly unique live musical act.

Acollective’s new Album, The Coming of Light is truly a musical triumph. After two years of silence from a band that has only known non-stop touring existence, Acollective reemerged announcing that a new album is ready and they are returning to the stage. Tickets to the album launch tour concerts were all sold out in Israel almost instantly, as the band presented its new format and musical direction, incorporating their unique electronic and acoustic sound into a Trip-Folk melting pot. Now they embark once again in their live journey all over the world.



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