Lucille Crew


 Lucille Crew (LC)​ is an international Groove collective, fusing elements of Hip-Hop, Funk & Soul.

LC was formed in Tel Aviv by producer and guitarist Izzy (Isgav Dotan) and Drummer Josef Adi, alongside Baltimore native Joel Covington (Rebel Sun)
Since the beginning of their journey, Lucille Crew has been recording and performing non-stop, in what seems to be the longest tour in the indie music scene.
Always playing, dancing and sweating on stage.
In 2017, Lucille Crew’s activity has been upped greatly and the crew went on 3 European tours, in which they performed in front of more than 150,000 people, In festivals such as Solidays (FR), Fusion (DE) and Usadba Jazz (RU), to name a few, while sharing stages with top artists. (Mac Miller, Prodigy, Mano Chao, Jain and more…)
After releasing their latest EP (‘Respect The Dawn’) in spring 2017, Lucille Crew is about to get back into the studio and get their next album to work. (due summer 2018)

Lucille Crew are:

Isgav Dotan | Yossi Adi | Joel Covington | Gal De Paz | Roei Paradny | Barak Hener | Ilan Adiri | Jonathan Jaacobi