La Deo


La Deo is a musical artist from Tel-Aviv. A producer, singer, an art director for music videos and sound, and a distinctive performer of her creations. By synergetic combining vocal and digital sounds, she creates alternative electronic music, meditative and electrifying, surrealistic vibes, art pop avant garage.

Her love for beauty drives her to translate her captivating stories, thoughts and sensations into sounds through the music she produces, which are all brought to life with distinct and symphonic colors.

Inspired by traveling, exploring the unexplored, she has developed a unique personal style. Being always surrounded by like-minded musicians, cooperating with producers from all around the world, her music is colorful and multi-cultured.

Her performances are vibrating. She improvises vocals on stage, delivers her present sensations all over, creates a meeting with the audience.

Her palette is pioneering and intricate which makes listening to her dynamic and boisterous music a thrilling motile experience, make the body dance and loosen up from inside and out.

In her own words, “My music brings honesty to the table. It will make you feel connected to your inner bizarre feelings, those you would hide away.”




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