Jenny Penkin


Jenny Penkin is a Tel-Aviv based singer who’s soft yet determined voice brings a fresh color to the table.Influenced by future soul artists on one side and all-kinds of electronic music on the other, she combines smooth vocals, honest lyrics and an edgy sound in her music.
Jenny was born in Moscow, grew up in Bat-Yam, and studied two years in “Rimon” school of music and in Berklee collage of music. During her year in the US she started writing songs and making beats.
Jenny’s first EP “Jennesis” was created with Uri Selinger and Avri G,  and was released in the label “OW crew” in 2016.
After returning to Israel she continued her creative quest and took on many new projects, among them singing backing vocals for singer Marina Maximilian.

 In 2017 she began working with producer/drummer Aviv Cohen AKA Sol Monk, and along with some amazing friends and musicians they created her latest EP “Him, on the other hand”, to be released this year on Raw Tapes records.