Echo & Tito


A duo of music producers, creating together a mad mix of ethnic backgrounds with electronic bass music, dub and hip hop. ECHO is a singer/MC, and TITO is a real sonic explorer/ musician. The feminine power Echo brings on, and the deep vibrating beats Tito creates, merge and collide to form a massive synergy that explodes on stage.

After traveling the world for many years, in countries like India Jamaica, Egypt, China, Europe & the U.S, and absorbing the local music cultures, today they are based in Tel Aviv, developing their own unique sound.

Together for the past four years they have released their debut album: “Into the out” in 2013, and their second album “The Bastard” in 2015.

Echo & Tito have performed  festivals across Europe such as Fusion (DE), Stereoleto (RU) TMW (EE) and along side Infected Mushroom, Balkan Beat Box, Beats Antique and participated in major 

Echo & Tito are:

Echo | Tom Iddan