Alaska Snack Time


Alaska Snack Time have no musical borders. The 4 band members blend a big verity of styles and genres, in order to create a musical performance that combines mind & body.

From live Electronics, Hip Hop, and Psychedelic, through African rythmes, Pop/Rock and Jazz, the band provides a refreshing new experience that leaves no indifferent ear!

The band burned stages in many clubs and festivals such as:

 IndieNegev Festival, Meteor Festival (Israel), New Delhi International Jazz Festival, Ziro Festival of Music (India), Control Club (Romania), and many more.

Alaska Snack Time released their debut self titled  album  in 2016, and are about to release the second one, “Know Your Enemy”, in 2019…

Alaska Snack Time are:

Yuval Gantz | Rom Shani | Shachar Zysman | Roy Reemy